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Individual Services

Functional Diagnostic Care
No two people are the same. So with lab testing, I dig deep into your health complaints and symptoms to find the root cause. Lab tests are always involved but that will look different for each person. Your wellness package will be developed based on your health history and current complaints. I use these labs to take you from a state of dis-ease and back to vitality. Using your individual lab results your DRESS (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress, Supplementation) protocol will be built. Here is a list of the common but not exhaustive lab tests I use. The tests you specifically need will be based on your symptoms, health complaints, and goals:

Spectracell Micronutrient testing – Used to identify nutrient deficiencies
DSL GI-MAP Stool Testing – looks at the gut as a whole to identify underlying infections and complete gut health
Complete 6 Marker Thyroid Function Panel
DUTCH Complete Hormone and Adrenal panel
Biohealth 101 Liver, Oxidative Stress, and Gut Permeapility Panel
Genova IP
MRT food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing
Genova and Great plains OAT (organic acids test)
Quicksilver Heavy Metal testing
HTMA Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Neurotransmitter Complete Panel
Blood Chemistry Panel (CBC & CMP)
Biohealth 900 SIBO Breath Test
Pyroluria Panel
Cyrex Array #5  Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

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Athletic Performance Program
Did you know food sensitivities, gut health, diet and cortisol rhythm all impact athletic performance? Improve your athletic performance and reach peak potential by dialing in on these areas. Every program will be individualized to each athlete based on lab testing, goals, sport, and health history.

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Family Wellness Services

20 Week Family Revolution
Exhausted and tired of the direction your family is heading? Want a fresh start to get everyone in your family back on the right track? Then this option is for you. It can be difficult to make the changes alone. So bring the whole family in on the changes and recommendations will be made based on every family members individuals needs. For 20 weeks in a row I will come into your home or meet via skype to address 20 keystone habits to get you and your family back on the track of vitality. I will provide realistic changes to meet your specific challenges. Recommendations will include: Supplements, Nutrition, Exercise, Environment, Stress, Sleep and many more!
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Pantry/Kitchen clean out and grocery store restock
I will accompany you in your home to guide you through the kitchen and pantry step by step. Recommendations will be made based on your and your families health history and goals. Can include: complete pantry clean out, cleaning product clean out, grocery store restock and weekly meal plan.

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Many more services to come! If you have a question about which service would be best for you contact me!

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