Who I am


My name is Arielle Larmondra. I’m a proud mom, wife and Buffalo sports fan. Now for the important stuff…

I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner. I received my B.S. from The University at Buffalo and Masters degree from University of North Carolina Charlotte. My post graduate training continued in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I am also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. What this all adds up to – I’m a health detective. Through a series of lab tests and questionnaires I find root causes of symptoms and educate my clients on solutions to bring them back to a state of vitality instead of dis-ease.

My client population is all over the globe but concentrated in North America. The decision to work remotely was easy. Why limit my reach to my geographic location? And have you seen my babies? Perhaps I’m partial. I get to spend way more time with them now. Do something I’m passionate about and not miss out on too many family moments? I’m in.

I find joy in many things: Sunshine, geeking out on properly performed scientific studies, soccer, homeschooling, and my beloved family to name a few. I really don’t watch T.V so if you’re looking for some pop culture entertainment and references I’m not your gal. Eradicating gut pathogens? Yes. I’ve got that down.

I welcome your feedback, comments and recommendations on the content of this site. I seek to always be flexible, always be improving, and remain open-minded. Come along and change with me.

Love, prayers and gratitude to you, my friend.

“Understanding is a Wellspring of life to those that have it…”
— Proverbs 16:22

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