Favorite Products

Full disclosure – some, not all, of the products noted below are affiliate links.

BIORAY – The natural detox company

It doesn’t get much better than BIORAY when it comes to detox. My “medicine” cabinet is filled with almost every single one of their products. I also love that they offer a kids line, adult line, and therapeutic line. They don’t cut corners. Their quality is unmatched. I personally take Liver life, NDF plus, Loving Energy, Lady Passion and Before the Flow. My kids love the taste of their kids line products and its never a fight to get them to take their “drops”. We have used every product in their therapeutic line with great success and I highly recommend them. Enter code: LARMONDRA at checkout to get 10% off!

“Bioray formulations are clinically proven effective for the whole family. They can be taken daily in water, juice, or your smoothie. BIORAY tinctures are safe to take while on western medication and in combination with other dietary supplements. All Bioray products have been clinically formulated by Dr. Timothy Ray. The proprietary micronization process sets Bioray apart from other supplement companies.”

Banana flour

Prebiotic resistant starch that doesn’t spike blood glucose as grain based flours do. Enjoy as a healthy alternative in baked goods, or anything else your heart desires. See this post for more recipes. We buy ours on Amazon here. I put in a request to a local health food store, healthy home market to carry it.

Primal Palate Organic Spices

I’ve died and gone to seasoning heaven! Their singles and spice blends are incredible. It’s all I use in my kitchen anymore. Very high quality, non-irradiated, organic ¬†AND delicious seasonings. Check them out!¬†Primal Palate


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