Meals 2 Grow: Kids Meals!

Thanks for joining me here again on Wellspring Wellness!

I’ve been a busy bee with creating a new arm in my wellness practice and updating the fitness and nutrition guidelines for a fat loss group that’s starting up soon. I sure am glad to be back here with you and doing what I love the most, sharing ideas and tips on improving the wellness and vitality of you and your family.

Well lets get right to it!

Sometimes we just need ideas and examples of healthy meals. When I create posts like this it is not to show perfection. It’s not to say this is exactly what your kiddos should be eating. It is a resource for ideas to feed your children a nutrient dense diet. Some days are full of freshly prepared meals. Other days, we forage in the fridge and pantry to piece a meal together. With that said, here is what my kiddos gobbled today!

Breakfast: Edgerton Farm local maple sausage, Olives, Banana. Perhaps an odd combination for breakfast but they sure do enjoy it.


Lunch: Little Man went to his outdoor Woodland Discovery program so a packed lunch was in order today. Roasted chicken in coconut oil and primal palate BBQ rub, plantain chips, raw cashews, carrots and his favorite Рan apple. Easy, simple, and toddler approved.


Snack: Smoothie! Every mom knows a smoothie means “a liquid vehicle for everything nutritious I can hide”! This concoction contained full fat coconut cream, collagen peptides gelatin powder, sunwarrior warrior blend vanilla protein (pea and hemp based), frozen berries, cashew milk, and spirulina. Now I have to be honest, usually smoothies go half-eaten and I end up tossing a lot of it when they have had their share. Anytime I include full fat coconut cream they finish every drop.

kidsnack1 kidsnack2

Dinner: Sylvan Farm local grassfed beef burger with primal palate steak seasoning blend, avocado, tessamae’s ketchup, roma tomato slices, broccoli roasted with coconut oil, salt and pepper. Burgers are a favorite around here. I slip in a little more nutrition and add a green leaf or romaine lettuce leaf as a burger wrap.


I hope these ideas help!

What nutrient dense snacks do your kiddos love?

Tune in tomorrow for what mama bear relies on to stay mean and lean these days. See you then!


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