Meals 2 Grow: Toddler Taco Night

Once a week or so I’m going to start sharing with you the meal lineup for my kiddos. I’m not perfect, and sometimes their lunch is thrown together by foraging through the fridge, but I do hope it gives you some ideas for grain and dairy free meals.

I hope to inspire change, courage and ideas for how to serve your own kiddos if your goal is a nutrient dense diet.

My cooking style is simple ( a nice way of saying boring), clean and must pass the test of two toddlers. When in doubt, add butter! So here goes the first installment of “Meals to Grow”! Enjoy!

Breakfast: Pasture Eggs, Power greens lightly sauteed in butter (spinach, kale, chard), Apple. Always topped with Himalayan pink salt. My 4-year-old calls this meal “butter eggs with stuff”. It has a nice ring to it. If I ever write a cook book I’ll be sure to include that title.


Lunch: Baked and seasoned with BBQ rub chicken thighs, Roasted green beans and sweet potatoes with coconut oil. Here is where I buy all of our delicious spice blends: Primal Palate Spices


Snacks:  RX bar, Dry roasted sea salt pumpkin seeds, Mighty Bar grassfed beef jerky.


Dinner: This is how we do tacos grain, corn and dairy free. No complaints here…still delicious. Grassfed ground beef seasoned with Primal Palates Taco Seasoning, plantain chips for scooping taco meat, simple spinach salad with tessemae’s zesty dressing and balsamic vinegar, roasted butternut squash “fries” in coconut oil.


How do your kiddos like “tacos”? Share recipes in comments!  See anything here you’d like to try?


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