Why I started my blog and why YOU should too!

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for a few years.

The excuses just kept piling up.

I can’t do that with two toddlers and still manage my client base.
There are already so many wellness blogs.
I’m not a writer.
What the hell is WordPress? I quit already.
How do I load pictures? Wait….I have to take pictures. Perfect ones.

None of the above is true.

Guys….I can help you. A lot of you.

So I’m doing it.

I’m not a crafty writer, but I have a lot of information, tips, and knowledge to share with you that I don’t think has been presented in the way I plan to.

You can read more about me HERE

If I had to name this blog it would be called “Super sciencey stuff in real people terms”. Pretty, right? no.

So here’s the deal. I’m a straight shooter. I like easy choices. I like black and white. I’m going to do my best to break down the information on the internet, from scientific literature and what “so-and-so” said to help you decide if you need to implement a change – or – if that information just isn’t true.

What I plan on posting?
What my family eats, takes, does…sort of like my tips in practice (but not perfect, certainly not perfect)
Products and people I love.
Health tips and information on gut health, quality supplements, children’s health, fertility, libido, stress, diet, exercise, sleep, detoxification, hormones, and yes….weight loss. I will post a lot about the beloved weight loss. Why? well lets be honest here. Weight loss is what most people start with when they want to improve their health. If that gets them in the door to further health changes then lets start there.
Honestly, I’m just going to post what I feel like posting, especially if it is something that would help guide my readers.

I’m excited about all of this. I’m excited to help you. So if there is a topic you want me to break down and discuss for you email me here: Contact

My grammar sucks but I’m a wealth of knowledge. My friend Erin will keep me in line with my grammar.

So what about you? What can you bring to the world? What internal dialogue are you repeating that just isn’t true? We all have a gift, spiritual gifts if you will. Something we are really good at that we could share with the world – a gift.

So if you’re passionate, excited and have something to give, do it!

If you’re a blogger share a link to yours in the comments!

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